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Beauty At Your Fingertips-Kitchen Remedies For Your Skin And Hair
- Beauty At Your Fingertips-Kitchen Remedies For You
By:  Nirmala Shetty   In:  Non Fiction , Beauty
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Back Cover

Would you eat the ingredients listed in creams or lotions? Why would you feed the skin what the stomach would refuse? Renowned naturopath Dr. Nirmala Shetty offers us beauty potions that are good enough to taste! Best of all, they come with easy-to-follow recipes. Dipping into the ingredients found in kitchens herbs and fruits, vegetables and spices Dr. Shetty offers us eco-friendly, utterly delectable concoctions for every skin and hair problem, be it rosacea or dark circles, hair fall or premature greying. Within the pages of this book, youll find - The potent Green Pack, a cleansing mixture of margosa, mint and cucumber, known to battle stubborn acne Coconut Magic, a heady mix of pistachios and coconut, that can wipe away the most persistent of tans Beet Blend, with beet juice, curd and olive oil, that can wash off those embarrassing flakes of dandruff There are chapters devoted to male beauty (how about an organic aftershave lotion, with aloe vera, tea tree oil and cucumber?), age-specific potions (did you know that coconut milk and almonds can keep wrinkles at bay, or that green gram packs can nourish your babys body?) and kitchen solutions for anxious grooms and brides! As a bonus, theres a ready reckoner of common natural ingredients and the delightful secrets they hold. Packed with more than a hundred tried-and-tested recipes, with this book, beauty is at your fingertips!

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