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  1. Log-in to your account and select a book by browsing through the categories or by using search/advanced search functionality
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What is Watchlist?

Watchlist functionality helps you to get notification for the books you want to read however they are in circulation with other members, you would get an email notification whenever the book is available with library for all the books added in your Watchlist

How do I view my account details?

You can view all the details of your account by clicking on the Dashboard link available on top of the page. Dashboard page allows you to address/contact details, log-in password, renew the current plans etc

How do I search for a particular book?

You can search for a book by typing in the Title, Author or ISBN of a book in search box on top of the page; alternatively you can also use ‘Advanced Search’ functionality whereby you can search books by Language, Category, Author, Publisher etc

In whose favor should I draw the cheque while making payment?

You should draw Cheque on the name of “Pai’s Friends Library”