Subscription Plans
Limited Plans
  Subscription Plan NameBooks at a time Total BooksPlan Amt(Rs.) Deposit (Rs.)View DetailsSelect

Duration: Monthly

 General 1 Book Plan11150500 view select
 General 2 Book Plan22250500 view select

Duration: Yearly

 General 2 Book Yearly 2242500500 view select
 General 1 Book Yearly1121500500 view select
Unlimited Plans
  Subscription Plan NameBooks at a timeTotal BooksPlan Amt(Rs.) Deposit (Rs.)View DetailsSelect

Duration: Quarterly Unlimited

 General Plan Quarterly620 21200500 view select
 Diwali Magzine 2019 Plan200 015000 view select

Duration: Half Yearly

 General Plan Half Yearly620 22000500 view select

Duration: Yearly

 General Plan Yearly620 23800500 view select
*For New users one time enrollment fees of Rs.200 will be additionally charged