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Business Champ
- Business Champ
By:  Malay Damania   In:  Business , Marketing
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In my experience of over 3 decades and exposure of closely dealing with hundreds of business owners, I have seen many Entrepreneurs start their business venture very enthusiastically and optimistically. They run from pillar to post to acquire every customer. They personally perform every job from procurement to collection. However, after tasting some initial success in the business, they get stagnated. They hit the ceiling. In spite of putting in their best efforts and time, they find themselves constrained to scale up to the next level. Puzzled, looking out for ways and means to expand, they wonder where is the problem? What’s stopping them? How to scale up from here? Why are they stuck? Is the problem with product/service quality? Finance? People? Or the business model? Most times, the answer remains illusionary and mysterious. Business Champ attempts to handhold them with complete roadmap which they can follow to accomplish their financial goals. It will enable them to look at their business from a vantage point, empower them to transition from ‘doing’ to ‘managing’. There are some intrigue and probing questions. Attempting to answer them will open up a new perspective, a new way of approaching business. Right from setting an ambitious vision to realising your dreams. I have shared a total roadmap to transform your current state of affairs into a robust business empire. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Apply these Principles, Frameworks and tools and experience the miraculous transformation in your business! Become a business champion!

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